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Video: Does Katiesonier have the best ass on Instagram?

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Does Instagram girl Katiesonier have the best ass on Instagram? She must have, surely. Camsoda just shared this clip and I must admit I’m now a follower of Katiesonier. I love girls that go above and beyond to keep their ass in tight shape and Katiesonier certainly does that. Just check out her routine and notice how she makes sure she wears the tightest pair of shorts possible. She knows what she’s doing here. Doing the splits every way possible and some ways I thought were impossible fitness girl Katiesonier shows us in this fitness video why she must have the best ass on Instagram.


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White girl with a thick butt twerking and doing the splits on Instagram

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They say white girls can’t twerk but damn this white girl sure can. Her ass is as thick and wobbly as any black girl’s. Just look at her ass, it’s almost busting out her tight shorts and tall me that you wouldn’t mind  this Instagram girl doing the splits on your hard  tent pole? Come on now, I know you thinking we all are.