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12 pics of sexy teen Leona Mia taking a well earned bath


A warm bath after a hard day’s work only gets better if it is in the company of a lovely lady. You get to lie down and relax as water washes away all your worries, enjoying a tender touch of a horny woman next to you. That’s what Leona Mia was going for in this session with her photographer. Looking all sweet and innocent, one would almost think this girl is too cute to strip naked for the camera but she has and she’s not alone, there’s plenty of teen cam girls that love getting naked. However, that’s precisely what gets this cutie going. While she’s pretty and adorable, underneath all that lies a lustful babe, hungry for pleasure, who loves seducing others and having them swoon over her.

That’s how Leona found herself naked in the bathtub. With a pair of perky tits and hard nipples poking out, you could tell she was horny from presenting herself to the viewers. The mere thought of turning them on and making them rock hard had this nubile all worked up to be at the top of her game. Feeling energetic and playful, the chick started things off by rubbing and caressing herself. Using soap and bubbles to hide her naughtiest bits, she smiled seductively while teasing to no end. Once the room temperature reached the boiling point, the girl got out of the tub. It was finally time for her to show all that she’s got.

A tight, firm ass was first put on display as the beauty bent over, grabbing those cheeks firmly. You could see hints of her tiny asshole before the hottie turned around and sat at the edge of the tub, front-facing the camera. Losing her mind with horniness, the brunette was barely keeping herself from rubbing the smooth snatch, all the while hoping you’d go crazy over her skinny body and tight holes.

Gallery from: MPL Studios

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