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Dogging Cam: The best dogging video I ever seen in my life!


The Brits love their dogging and this must be the best dogging video I’ve ever seen or at the very least it’s in the top 3. The star though must be the guy behind the dogging cam, his David Attenborough style commentary is first class and typical of British porn. The girl is fantastic too, she’s beautiful, highly sexed up if not drunk or drugged up but she really seems to enjoy it anyway.

The video starts with with sultry woman in the back seat of a car half naked with a stranger jerking off over her. That’s when the commentary starts with the dogging cam guy telling up how much of a show off this girl is and she really is. No sooner she steps out the car she bends over and lets a stranger pull her thong aside and put his cock in her wet hole. It doesn’t take long for her to cum either. The video is around 25 minutes long but you can see her cum at around 2.54, with the guy fucking her from behind and rubbing her clit through her wet panties seems to be the magic combo that gets this girl off. This dogging video has barely got going. Stranger number two ones his go now, her pussy drenched and full of her own cum he slides straight in. One leg up fucking her from the front with his giant cock she really does get the fuck of her life.

Fucking continues none stop first she’s bent over the car hood and then she’s spread out on the hood both strangers taking turns keeping up the momentum. Gets even better around the 16 minute mark. She’s totally naked now, not even wearing her thongs. Standing up but bent over with her ass far out letting this old dude go balls deep inside her. She needs a piss so asks him to take his cock out while she pisses where she stands, begging the dogging cam man to put his face under her golden stream. As soon as she stops pissing there’s no messing around. A cock is rammed straight back up her warm wet cunt hole. She drops to her hands and knees in the doggy position with her ass right in the air asking one of the strangers to come and fuck her. It doesn’t take t he dude long, I don’t think it would take any one long to cum she so beautiful. He fucks for a few minutes and then he jerks himself off and cums in her mouth and this slut makes sure she wastes not a drop, swallowing his whole load.

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