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Mila Jade Feet Selfies


I have no idea why I’m fascinated with women’s feet but I am. I’ve long had a foot fetish, ever since I seen a life guard walk along the beach barefoot. For some reason my cock just started twitching, I spent that whole summer holiday wanking 4 times a day over her sun soaked feet.  I’d fantasize about the balls of her feet pushing in to my scrotum, her pretty painted toes touching the tip of my cock and her allowing me to kiss them while I jerked off and eventually me cumming all over them.

When ever I see a woman walking round in flip flops, slides or sandals I’m drawn to their feet. I like small feet, strong feet and of course pretty decorated feet. I do like foot tattoos as long as they’re not tacky and I love painted toes. Mila Jade has gorgeous feet, small with nice arches and sexy toes. Mils knows too, just how sexy her feet are because she keeps posting feet selfies. Here are just a few of Mila Jade’s foot pics for you to worship and adore. If you want to see her nude and masturbate then check out this Mila Jade Snapchat compilation video. Do enjoy.

Mila wearing fluffy black slides.

A view of Mila’s feel and sole with her pussy mound in the same shot. Perfect.

Mila on a night out takes a selfie looking down at her feet wearing pretty dining shoes and her legs look to be wide open.

Mila again wearing slides this time with pink painted toes and fingernails.

Mila’s sexy feet covered in shimmering pantyhose.

A great selfie of Mila’s pretty feet with elegant long toes.

Stunning selfie of Mila wearing a Harley Quinn outfit while displaying her perfect feet.

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